Ann from Dallas: hater of holiday sweaters, according to her bio

Model Watch: Tyra Chooses Slim Pickings and the Chuckle Sisters

The newest season (Cycle 15, for those counting or interested) of

America's Next Top Model

kicked off last night, and since I'm posting this here, you know we have at least one contestant from our fair city. Oh, but wait, there are more. If you watched last night, you would have noticed that there are also two modeltestants from Arlington. See, if you like to do a thorough job -- and we here at Unfair Park love the thorough -- you gotta cover A-town because who the hell else is covering it? And so there are three.

There was a bitty poolside runway walk and a photo shoot for Cynthia Rowley designs, but since we all know you'll see jack shit that's truly interesting in the first episode of any reality show that actually shows the final-cut-before-actual cast process, lemme just break down the local gals we'll be following:

Ann (Dallas) -- The 6'2" wisp-thin 19-year-old who shocked audiences in the season preview when "Miss" J. Alexander was able to wrap his hands around her waist. The bit caused controversy thanks to the flawless editing skills of the CW, and Tyra Banks has since issued an apology. Whatever. Ann will surely fare well this season as it's the "high-fashion" cycle that will reward the unusual and non-pageant pretty. Competitors voiced that Ann may not be as tough as she looks and will surely crack under scrutiny, but she seems fairly skilled at deflecting the stares the girls were dishing out. I like her. I don't like that height and high metabolism run in her family, because, well, they don't in mine, but that's neither here nor there now, is it?

Terra and Chris (Arlington) -- These sisters met the casting panel together, and it seemed like a weird slapstick comedy routine at first. Terra and Chris talk over each other and are really loud, but they're also sort of adorable because they're crazy honest about the sibling rivalry and sibling support. Chris is the youngest (20) and tallest and the one with the largest ego, worrying at one point that her amazing, boisterous personality was overpowering her sis. Terra, 24, has a more angular face and a fiercely expressive gaze but a weaker walk. The judges wish they were combined into one person already, so unless both make huge strides in their weak areas, I don't know how long they'll last.

From other cities we've got a Princeton girl, a single-mom student, a girl from a past cycle that doesn't appear to have learned how to socialize and a bunch of other ladies who screech and go crazy whenever totally expected people walk into a room. 

Next week: A DVF runway show high in the sky and some other typical move-into-the-house stuff that isn't nearly as awesome as Diane von Furstenberg.

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