Guess Pacman wasn't Jesus after all. Hmm, imagine that.

Moral to the Story: Don’t Drink and Jive

You may never forgive Pacman Jones. But, listening to the tone of the Cowboys yesterday, he may be easy to forget.

Said head coach Wade Phillips, “He’s gone.

While Pacman considers checking into an alcohol treatment facility in town – conjuring up something about a barn and a door and a horse – and Dallas police began wondering aloud why certain details of their report – like Pacman’s name, for example – were omitted, the Cowboys seem anxious to move on.

Even Tank Johnson, Pacman’s biggest defender, was silent yesterday at Valley Ranch.

As I’ve said before, Pacman isn’t worth the trouble. Some people screw up second chances. He’s now forfeited his right to a sixth chance.

You guys think Pacman will play another down in Dallas? – Richie Whitt

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