Morgan Spurlock's Beard

Perhaps no film at Sundance is more anxiously awaited than Morgan Spurlock's Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?, in the hands of Weinstein Co. For whatever reason, folks have been speculating for months that perhaps the Super Size Me director found bin Laden; Spurlock has brilliantly dodged the question since he showed up at South by Southwest in Austin last March sporting a bin Laden beard. (As though Spurlock's finding bin Laden would have remained a secret till its Monday-night debut in Utah. Spurlock's a terrific filmmaker, but the guy's still best known for eating pounds of fast food.)

If nothing else, the movie's being promoted brilliantly: What you see above is a milk carton (filled with M&Ms) handed out last night before the screening of Michael Keaton's directorial debut The Merry Gentleman. If you could read the text, you'd notice that bin Laden apparently answers to "Benny" and was last seen in Aghanistan in 2001. Which should tell you something. --Robert Wilonsky

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