Theresa Nasty

Naked Girls Weekend II: Electric Boogaloo

Last week I told you to head out to Buddies for a drag king show that would at least blow your mind, if not your crotch. Girls dressed up as boys, political statements, dancing, etc. But there's only so many duct-tape flattened breasts I can take before I start craving some globular masses. Happily, I think I'll be satiated this weekend with two very different, very sexy shows featuring girls wearing not much clothes doing very much dancing.

Tonight, Buddies comes through yet again. Their "Barely Legal Girls" show starts at 10:30 pm, featuring the hottest pieces of lesbian arse in town doing their damnedest to turn you on, tease-style. When Buddies owner Dawn told me about the show a couple of weeks ago--over the din of some very excellent hip-pop--she really emphasized the "tease" bit.

"It's all covered," she assured me, but that doesn't mean they're not getting their sexy on. And I'll testify: I had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely Barely Legal girl after the Dukes of Dallas show and she was—how you say?--sexytime! Dawn's insistence on the "tease" bit reminded me of a column I wrote a couple months back about two burlesque troupes in town, the Lollie Bombs and the Velvet Kittens, who rock the old-school style of striptease in a thoroughly modern way. In fact, the Lollie Bombs are rocking it in a completely up-to-the-minute modern way, since they're having a show tomorrow night.

According to their MySpace bulletin, it's the last Lollie Bombs show for a while before they go on hiatus, so you'll do well to check out these six lovely ladies, tout de suite. They're performing at the Hub Theater in Deep Ellum. You can expect a full-on vaudeville type show with singing, dancing and magic acts, according to Lollie Bomb Roxie. But this show is just a little bit darker than usual.

"We'll be tying a girl up Bettie Page style," she says, and their in-house magician, Bizarro, is going to be impaling a blindfolded girl in lingerie. That's got to be one serious underwire.

Show starts at 8:15 pm, and tickets are $15. I recommend taking a date—the sneaky feelings you'll come away with will be well worth the price of admission. Rawr. --Andrea Grimes

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