NatGeo's Dallas Reality Show Pitch: "Gripping, Gritty Long-View Into World of Incarceration"

Just a couple of weeks back some Brits asked Dallas County for the okee-doke to film a 3D programme in the county jail for a couple of days, to which the commissioners courts said: Sure, fine. But the request going before Dallas County higher-ups today is much, much bigger -- as in, 120 days' worth of filming, enough to make up an entire season's worth of Hard Time on the National Geographic Channel (which, we learned just days ago, shares a parent corporation with FOX News).

All the supporting docs follow, including letters of recommendation from the acting general counsel for the Georgia Department of Corrections, who writes that the production company part2 pictures "proved to be so ethical and professional that the Georgia Department of Corrections decided to permit the filming and airing of our response to a prison escape that occurred at one of our maximum security facilities." Praise don't get no higher'n that. Till now, says part2 in its own what-what, the popular series has been set in state penitentiaries. But now it wants to get a little, you know, more intimate:

Now, National Geographic is looking to turn back the clock, so to speak. In the fourth season of this ground-breaking series, we will take our cameras a step back in time -- learning about the lives of inmates, detention officers and families whose existence revolves around the system before the prisons -- jail. This series is not an investigation -- it is an authentic portrait of the world of detentions told through people. The stories of those who spend each and every day there -- whether as inmates awaiting trial or detention officers -- form a complete and balanced portrait unlike any seen before of pre-life behind bars: a gripping, gritty long-view into the world of incarceration.

Jump for the whole pitch.

NatGeo Request to Film in Jail

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