Coming Soon: Basketball's marquee event.

NBA All-Star Game Coming to Dallas! And of course by “Dallas” I Mean “Arlington”!

One of sports’ worst-kept secrets will officially be spewed forth tomorrow night, as the Mavericks’ pre-game activities before the season-opener against the Houston Rockets will include the announcement of the 2010 NBA All-Star Game being hosted by Dallas, in Arlington.

Back in May, Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones started scheming to bring the festivities to the Cowboys’ new stadium. Looks like, whatdya know?, the game will be played in Jonestown Coliseum in February ’10.

The cool part is that the ancillary events – Slam Dunk and 3-point Shooting contests – will be held at American Airlines Center. Good on Cuban for negotiating that piece of the prize for his home base. For years the Mavs' owner resisted temptation to hosting the event, figuring the NBA’s slew of corporate honchos and sponsors would squeeze season-ticket holders out of seats at AAC. But in Arlington, where up to 50,000 can watch hoops, the problem is diminished, if not eliminated.

Of course, the commute is exaggerated. I was at Reunion Arena the last (and only) time Dallas hosted the event in ’86, and it was well worth it.

In Arlington? I dunno. This joint will be jumpin’ that weekend.

But will you drive to Arlington to watch an NBA All-Star Game? – Richie Whitt

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