Rick Carlisle's in-game adjustments. And prayer. That's what this Mavs' season comes down to?

NBA GMs Aren't Impressed With Your Dallas Mavericks

As the Mavs head into tonight’s preseason finale, a bit more disrespect comes their way. A little more poison into which they can dip their arrows and place in their quivers for the season of retribution to come. Right?

It goes like this: Polled on a variety of things in the league’s annual survey, the NBA’s 30 general managers don’t envision the Mavericks amounting to a hill of beans.

The GMs think the Lakers will win this year’s title, that Miami’s Michael Beasley will win Rookie of the Year and that San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich is the league’s best coach.

The Mavs? They are picked fourth behind New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio in their own division, with only 3.7% of GMs picking them to win the Southwest. Jason Kidd was selected as the league’s third-best passer behind Chris Paul and Steve Nash, and new head coach Rick Carlisle is considered the third-best as far as in-game adjustments.

Dirk Nowitzki? Nada.

Translation: If New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio fold, and if NBA games are shortened to two quarters, or tweaked into individual contests where players have to pass balls off bulls-eye targets, the Mavs just might make the playoffs. Otherwise? Hmm.

Where do you stand on the Mavs? Contenders or pretenders? – Richie Whitt

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