Nebraska: Out. Big 12: Gone?

Since 1994 we've enjoyed the Big 12 Conference. Offices based here. Alumni living here. Championship games played here.

Savor it. Because, perhaps as early as Friday, it begins to crumble.

With the Big 12 having slapped a Friday deadline on Nebraska to essentially commit or quit, news comes from Omaha this morning that the Cornhuskers will as early as this week announce their intentions to join the Big Ten Conference. The Omaha World-Herald also reported that Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman will address realignment and expansion with the Board of Regents at its Friday meeting in Lincoln.


Consider that the first domino. The next to fall?

With a weak Big 12 North further hobbled, Texas and the six Big 12 South schools being courted by the Pac 10 certainly will jump to join a new super conference. Right?

I know Sooners-Huskers isn't nearly what it once was, but for those of us who grew up watching Nebraska-OU on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it's a sad day. Nothing a couple of doses of Texas-Southern Cal or Oklahoma-UCLA can't sure.


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