Nelson Cruz Reportedly Facing 100-Game Suspension for Ties to Florida Clinic

Back in January, our sister paper, the Miami New Times, dropped a bombshell on Major League Baseball when it reported on the dealings of a sort-of doctor named Anthony Bosch who, through his clinic, BioGenesis, was apparently supplying an All-Star roster of professional baseball players with banned, performance-enhancing drugs. Among the players implicated in the report was Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz.

The documents dug up by the New Times are pretty damning. A July 2012 patient list from the clinic shows that the slugger purchased $4,000 worth of product from the clinic that month. In a handwritten note from last year, Bosch writes of Cruz: "Need to call him, go Thur to Texas, take meds from April 5-May 5, will owe him troches and... and will infuse them in May."

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The evidence was too strong for the MLB to ignore. According to ESPN, the league will soon drop lengthy suspensions on some 20 players now that Bosch, after publicly denying that anything untoward had happened at his clinic, is cooperating with the investigation. The familiar names on that list include one-time Ranger Alex Rodriguez, A's pitcher Bartolo Colon, Blue Jays slugger Melky Cabrera (who lost much of last season to a steroid suspension), and, of course, Cruz.

Cruz was mum on the subject when it was broached by The Dallas Morning News' Evan Grant after yesterday's loss to the Red Sox. "I can't say anything," he said. "I know people are just doing their job."

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