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"Collateral Damage," by Megan Feldman, October 2

Never Forget

Just something I feel I need to clear up. This is one person's view of me and my family's tragedy. Let's get something clear: I do not want to forget my brothers. I am not trying to forget...I moved to Austin to not be constantly surrounded by the Army. If you have never lost your sibling, who you have had your whole life, then you probably assume that you can forget. But I will not, and I cannot. So, please revise that statement. I try to block out the hurt and suffering they went through to defend their fellow soldiers and families. I hoped that this story might have helped someone else.

When I did this story, it was under the understanding that this was to reach out to other soldiers and their families and help them find help. There is no help listed here for someone who reads this. There is no hotline number. There are no resources provided. Why did you make me go through my nightmare to mislead me?

Monica Velez, via

Megan Feldman responds: Generally, we don't include specific contact information in the text of our stories. Here, however, are two useful sources: The National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, which provides support and information for those who have lost loved ones to

"Status Woe," by Richie Whitt, October 2

Strike Back

[Rangers owner Tom] Hicks needs to understand that if he did sign a CC Sabathia there would be a buzz, and the increase in attendance and, yes, season ticket sales, would help pay for the increased payroll. Without change, no one is going to be fooled by his words—until they start winning and prove capable of sustaining. In other words, if they are contending come end of school, then they will see a spike in attendance—unless they go add a star. Then attendance will increase from the get-go. PLEASE SELL THIS TEAM! Maybe GWB wants to run the team again? He did much better at that than his current job!

Mark, via

The other day Hicks cited Milwaukee and Tampa Bay as examples of what the Rangers were trying to do. So his template for success is extended periods of sucking with a single season of winning? Hicks has succeeded in turning a large baseball market into a small baseball market. Any dollar that is spent on the Rangers simply enables Hicks. Have some balls D-FW: Boycott this guy. No tickets. No merchandise. No TV. Stop the madness. Boycott and make him sell.

CV Gilkeson, via

"Where's the Beef?" by Jonanna Widner, October 2

Focus on plate, not walls

When are "food critics" (so they call themselves) actually going to talk about food and leave the rest to interior designers? I'm tired of reading "critics'" crying because they didn't like the wall color or the shape of the chair or the tiles in the restrooms. I've been at Capriccio only one time with my fiancé, and I have actually liked the decor and in particular the colors, warm and romantic.

I was really impressed with the attention of the service. Most of the time you can't find it at big bucks restaurants (I don't see any "tricks"). I'll be back at Capriccio.

Gino, via

I live upstairs from the restaurant in Dallas, and I have to say the bar and dining is the best I've ever experienced. Whoever wrote this is a total douchebag.

And also seems like she's used to eating crap rather than good food.

Capriccio is one hella tight restaurant.

Chad, via

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