News & Notes & Assorted Other Follow-Ups

Allow me to clean out the been-meaning-to-get-to folder ...

This morning I made mention of Jerry Jones walking out of the Marriott Marquis in New York City last night with two Sports Business Journal awards: Sports Exec of the Year and Sports Facility of the Year. Which is relevant to this chitchat the Cowboys owner had with Bloomberg News following the awards ceremony: Says Jones as league owners and the National Football League Players Association start their negotiations stare-down, stadium costs are directly related to labor costs. As in:

"Think, if you were a player, how neat it would be to run in there and compete in that stadium," Jones said. "Three- hundred feet tall, 3 million square feet. Well guys, we've got to pay for that. Let's put that in the equation of the labor deal."

OK. Remember Greg Meyer? He's the Blockbuster shareholder waging a proxy war with CEO Jim Keyes over a seat on the board come the June 24 shareholders meeting downtown. Anyway, Keyes didn't want Meyer because, among other reasons, he already had another guy in mind: insurance man Jim Crystal. Well, Crystal's done withdrawn his name from the ballot, which you'd think might open up a spot for Meyer. Unh-unh. Keyes sends word today that he's got a replacement all lined up: Kathleen Dore, ex of IFC, AMC and Bravo, among other media endeavors. Question is: Did Crystal jump or was he pushed in favor of someone with more skins on the wall to stave off Meyer's advances? ...

Speaking of videos, the great Elizabeth Hansen, Outreach and Education Coordinator at the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, just sent word: How Motor Cars and Other Living Things Can Find Happiness in the Dallas Freeway System -- which redebuted at the Angelika last weekend after John Slate found it on a shelf 40 years after its one-and-only screening in front of the Dallas City Council -- is now online. ...

And, finally, after the jump you'll find two things you can enjoy with your eyes: courtesy our pal Frank Campagna, a new piece just completed by Robb Conover for inclusion in his show-and-sell at Kettle Art, which closes a week from tomorrow; and a YouTube clip in which one Dallas Observer reader reads the Dallas Observer. You heard me.

And, now, the proper (!) way to read the paper version of Unfair Park whilst enjoying mass transit:

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