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A little bit o' this and a little bit o' that while admiring that picture taken yesterday by Best of Dallas-certified Justin Terveen:

A Friend of Unfair Park whose name rhymes with "Jason Roberts" forwards along this Washington Post piece in which Oak Cliff's Better Block Project inspires a faraway woman, Jan Townshend, to give a block of vacant storefronts an extreme makeover in Maryland:

Townshend said she got the idea from a YouTube video detailing a similar effort, the Better Block Project, put together last spring by residents of Oak Cliff, Texas. "They had a similar problem with their commercial district: Some thriving businesses and some really good things happening, but also, because of the economic downturn, they had a lot of vacant properties," Townshend said.
Speaking of vacant properties, a Barking Dog whose name rhymes with "Avi Adelman" sends word that as of Monday, you won't be able to park in the lot formerly known as the Lower Greenville Avenue Whole Foods. Something to do with contracts and payments. I dunno. Just don't park there, say Avi's sources: "Whole Foods corporate wanted to mitigate the (negative) impact this parking lot was having on residential properties on Richmond and Belmont Avenues, as well as reduce the damage to the parking surface." ...

And, just for kicks, our pal Erik Clapp -- curator of the Bobbie Wygant Archive -- sends word that he's updated the page with a Very Special Message for Bobbie from one George W. Bush. So, so worth a look after the jump.

George W. Bush gives Bobbie a Message from on Vimeo.

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