News & Notes: Tom Hicks Is Almost Out of Liverpool (?), Cell Phones in School Zones ... and, Coming Soon, Balloon Dirk!

Some news and notes while we wrap up some wrap-ups:

On Sunday we noted that U.K. reports have Tom Hicks this close to becoming a sports-team owner without a sports team. Overseas papers insist that at any moment now, Hicks and Liverpool FC co-owner George Gillett will announce they've hired Barclays Capital to find new investors. But even before that happens, reports The Guardian today, the Royal Bank of Scotland -- to whom the twosome owe tons of pounds in debt due this summer -- is asserting its control over the club. Writes Andy Hunter, the bank, which is controlled for the most part by the government, "is to increase its control at Liverpool having insisted on the appointment of an independent chairman, Martin Broughton of British Airways, as part of its latest refinancing offer to the club's co-owners." ...

And, speaking of international flights, IndieWire offers its summation of the Dallas International Film Festival so far. Seems we can agree on one thing: Despite the "international" in the title, the film's best entries thus far have been Texas-made. Writes Nigel Smith, The Dry Land -- by El Paso native Ryan Piers Williams -- was "arguably the biggest entry in this year's fest," and also one of the best. Among the homegrowns left on the schedule: repeat screenings of Thunder Soul, Earthling and Sweet Science, all must-attends ...

So too is the first-ever World Balloon Convention coming to the downtown Sheraton this weekend, which culminates with the Festival of Balloons on Sunday. But this should be a highlight, from the press release that just landed in the in-box: "Wed., April 14 - Dee White, a United Kingdom balloon artist, will be building an enormous 'Dirk Nowitzki' in the American Airlines Plaza. By early afternoon, his creation should be taking shape." No doubt, we'll have a video ...

And, speaking of, after the jump you'll find Dallas Police Department spokesperson Senior Corporal Janice Crowther in the latest episode of First Watch, which isn't as funny as The Good Guys. Course, that's not the point: Crowther here explains when you can and can't be fined for using your wireless device in a school zone. The signs have it.

First Watch - Cell phones in school zones with SC Janice Crowther from Dallas Police on Vimeo.

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