News Delays Launch of iPhone, iPad Apps and "Subscriber Content." Till When? Dunno.

A couple of weeks back we noticed that The Dallas Morning News would begin offering very special "subscriber content"on December 14, the same date the paper intended to launch its new iPhone and iPad apps. Publisher Jim Moroney wouldn't offer any further details about's banner announcement -- "we are not being any more specific than what we have communicated" -- except to say that, no, this wasn't exactly the "premium pricing" plan mentioned by new head of digital ops Grant Moise. All he would say tell Unfair Park is that there are "lots of variables still in play to get iPad app and new iPhone app to market."

Seems there still are: A good Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to the updated "learn more" page on the paper's website, which now says those apps and those "exclusive stories on, iPhone and iPad written by our journalists you can't get anywhere else" are "coming soon." Pardon: "coming soon!" On a related note: Our search engine might work one day. Glass houses and all.


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