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News That Isn’t Really News: A-Rod = A-Fraud

We wouldn't mind seeing her around town, though.

The Yankees and Madonna can have Alex Rodriguez. Evidenced by last night’s exhilarating 3-2 win over the Angels , the Rangers and their “24 kids” are doing just fine.

You do remember A-Rod telling ESPN Magazine back in ’04 that he would’ve never signed with the Rangers had he known it was going “to be me and 24 kids.” We’ll take Matt Harrison and Eric Hurley and Ian Kinsler and Max Ramirez and David Murphy, et al, thank you very much.

New York can have the great philanderer.

Last year A-Fraud was caught with a hot blonde in a Toronto hotel. This year, in the midst of a divorce from wife, Cynthia, it’s his two-night stand with a Boston stripper.

And way back in ‘04, if I remember correctly, A-Rod got his freak on at least twice – sans wife – at the Dallas swingers’ club Iniquity.

Whether he’s lying about playing poker in illegal clubs, trying to bitch-slap the ball out of a first baseman’s glove, blaming his dying uncle on another crappy post-season or saying his superfluous night life has nothing to do with him going to counseling, A-Rod always comes off disingenuous.

Best thing about this Rangers’ season: 24 kids. Next best thing: A-Rod is no longer on the payroll.-- Richie Whitt

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