NFL Films, Snickers Get Leon Lett to Seek "Redemption" For '93 Thanksgiving Eff-Up

No doubt you recall where you were at the exact moment Leon Lett cost the Dallas Cowboys a Thanksgiving Day victory over the Miami Dolphins in 1993. Me? I was icebound in Farmersville, cooped up with out-of-town family convinced it would be just fine to drive up to Collin County during a sleetstorm of epic proportions. Could have been worse, I guess. Could have been at Texas Stadium. Could have been Leon Lett.

That said: A Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to the press release that directs our attention to the online NFL Films-made documercial for Snickers, tied to an ad campaign set to air during this year's Cowboys-Dolphins Thanksgiving do-over. After you watch the four-part film, they're asking for 25,000 "forgives" in order to put Leon in the Hall of Redemption, which I believe is in Euless. Me, I forgave the guy when the scoreboard read: Dallas Cowboys 30, Buffalo Bills 13.

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