NFL Free Agency Starts ... Now! Sportatorium Lightning Rod Roy (Safety) Williams an Ex-Cowboy?

Going: Brad Johnson.

Coming: Trent Green?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his team won't make a "big splash" in NFL free agency that kicks off right about now. Maybe not, but he does need to make at least a ripple with the signing of a backup quarterback, inside linebacker and safety. Right?

If Jones would've just listened to us back in training camp he wouldn't be in this position and his team might've made last season's playoffs. Way back on July 29 - the first week in Oxnard - I wrote:

Watching 99-year-old Brad Johnson do his best Jamie Moyer impersonation, floating finesse flutterballs all over the field, the Cowboys are in big trouble should Romo go down for any extended amount of time. We knew that already. But Johnson looks absolutely pathetic.

Sure enough, Johnson's performance in three-game relief of Tony Romo was legendarily awful.

In a sketchy free-agent market for veteran quarterbacks, Green may make the most sense. If not, what does Chris Simms do for you?

The Cowboys are $10 million under the salary cap, though the signing of DeMarcus Ware to an extension will eat up a chunk of that. I see Terrell Owens staying and Ray Lewis staying away and, hmm, what to do with Roy (Safety) Williams? Trade him, apparently.

Scott, Name, play nice. 

Whatever happens, backup quarterback needs to be a priority. Jones cheated his team last year when he counted on Johnson. Upgrading the position shouldn't be too difficult. Even if Jones signs your mom.

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