Okay Mr. $67 Million, let's see you build some Romomentum.

NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 11

To me, Sunday’s game at Washington is make-or-break for the Cowboys. It’s playoffs or implosion.

They need Tony Romo to be at his substance-over-style best. People out at Valley Ranch are telling me that his little funk is over. You remember it, right? I expect him and his pinkie to play well and the offense to produce more.

The results had better improve. By my math, the Cowboys are replacing the 32nd-best quarterback with the No. 4. Which begs the question, even with bumbling Brad Johnson how did the Cowboys lose to the Rams by 20 points? The same Rams that trailed the mediocre Jets 40-0 at halftime last Sunday?

A wise-ass man initially ridiculed that loss in St. Louis as one of the worst in franchise history. As the season wears on, maybe it should climb the charts.

As for this week's rankings, can’t believe I’m actually crowning a quarterback who wears gloves on both hands, but here goes:

1. Kurt Warner – Cardinals

2. Philip Rivers – Chargers

3. Drew Brees – Saints

4. Tony Romo – Cowboys

5. Eli Manning – Giants

6. Brett Favre – Jets

7. Kerry Collins – Titans

8. Jay Cutler -- Broncos

9. Aaron Rodgers -- Packers

10. Jason Campbell – Redskins

11. Peyton Manning – Colts

12. Donovan McNabb -- Eagles

13. Jake Delhomme – Panthers

14. Ben Roethlisberger– Steelers

15. Matt Ryan – Falcons

16. Chad Pennington – Dolphins

17. Trent Edwards – Bills

18. Gus Frerotte -- Vikings

19. Joe Flacco – Ravens

20. David Garrard – Jaguars

21. Jeff Garcia – Buccaneers

22. Matt Cassel – Patriots

23. Brady Quinn – Browns

24. Matt Hassellbeck -- Seahawks

25. Sage Rosenfels – Texans

26. Marc Bulger – Rams

27. Daunte Culpepper – Lions

28. Shaun Hill -- 49ers

29. Tyler Thigpen – Chiefs

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Bengals

31. JaMarcus Russell – Raiders

32. Rex Grossman – Bears – Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.