No, WrestleMania Is Not Coming to Cowboys Stadium (At Least, Not In the Next Two Years)

This morning a few Friends of Unfair Park asked: Is WrestleMania really coming to Cowboys Stadium? Um ... I dunno? Kinda looked like it, maybe: Several popular wrestling websites, including this one, keep saying that WWE's signature event, which is closing in on its 30th anniversary, is scheduled to take place in Arlington in 2014. Or maybe even in 2013! Unless it goes to New Jersey. The rumors have been floating around for months, looks like. Anyway.

Don't ask me. Ask Brett Daniels, a spokesman for the Cowboys and, specifically, Cowboys Stadium. I did, and this is what he had to say on that subject:

We can't host WrestleMania the next two years because of NCAA Regional in '13 and Final Four in '14. We've talked with them and gave it a shot but couldn't make the schedule work.

Any other questions?

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