Nolan Ryan Hints at Some Changes Coming to Ballpark in Arlington Next Season

Speaking of the ballpark ...

Texas Rangers president -- and, any day now, co-owner -- Nolan Ryan fielded some questions from ESPNDallas readers this afternoon, and during that chitchat he revealed: Yes, he and Chck Greenberg are going to make significant improvements at the 16-year-old Ballpark in Arlington by next season, chief among 'em ...

...we are planning on having a new scoreboard on the home run porch and also additional video boards. The scoreboard will be bigger and state of the art, but we have to make a decision on that by the end of the month and I don't know the specifics on it yet. We're discussing whether it's one large videoboard or two smaller ones, whatever makes the most sense and fits the ballpark best.

He also addressed the more pressing problem: What in the wide, wide world of sports can they cool off the hottest ballpark this side of Hades? Other than, ya know, covering the joint in a tarpulin made of snow-monkey hide.

You can't justify putting a retractable roof on this stadium at the current cost of doing so. We've looked at sun screens that would reduce the temperature in the ballpark by 15 degrees, but we haven't come up with something that is economically feasible on that yet.

I will admit, though: I miss the manual out-of-town scoreboard in left field. And: Arlington Stadium. Well, I do.

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