North Central's New Look? Maybe. Very Dallas, Though. Lots of Silver and Gold.

One more time, the city council's Transportation & Environment Committee will discuss the landscaping along North Central Expressway, specifically between Woodall Rogers Freeway and Mockingbird Lane. Only, before the Texas Department of Transportation -- and its various life partners -- gets started on planting more freeway-friendly greenery that shouldn't get so brownery, there's some "hardscaping" to be done. Which means? Well, you're looking at it -- or, at least, a conceptual rendering of the wavy gold-and-silver vertical paneling that TxDOT could plant in Central's center median beginning in the spring of '09. Think "perforated metal bands" affixed to steel posts sunk into a bed of rocks. Looks pretty; also, distracting; and, expensive. See for yourself in the detailed close-up that follows after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Robert Wilonsky
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