North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ates the Positive Numbers

No doubt tired of taking it in the shorts over the icy weather and the "horrible mistake" involving Cowboys Stadium seating -- the two things over which it had absolutely no control -- the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee this morning sent a sneak peek at some early economic indicators that are "positive" and "profitable." For whom, specifically? Well ... hotels, for one:

According to the Dallas CVB, industry tracker STR Global has reported that the largest 100 hotels in the city showed a collective revenue increase against the same weekend last year of 358% on Thursday, Feb. 3, 549% on Friday, Feb. 4, and 590% for Saturday, Feb. 5. Numbers for Sunday, Feb. 6, were not yet available.
Airports too. Also: Sundance Square:
"We knew that Sundance Square would be an exciting destination to gather for visitors and the local community who wanted to be a part of the Super Bowl festivities," said Johnny Campbell, President and CEO of Sundance Square. "Even with the challenges that the weather presented, Sundance Square's retail and restaurant sales exceeded previous best day ever reports."
The committee's upbeat two-pager follows. Long story short, insists host committee president Bill Lively. "The anecdotal evidence suggests that, despite the obvious obstacles and challenges the region faced Super Bowl week, the event nevertheless was a great success, and likely the largest, most economically beneficial event in the region's history."

Still ... anyone seen Jerry?


PRESS RELEASE - Super Bowl XLV, earl results

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Robert Wilonsky
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