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Now, Look, Mayor Tom is Nobody's Intern

A few weeks back, you no doubt recall, Virgin America announced that in December, it would begin flying out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The announcement was made in Houston, at the National Business Travel Association confab, and, turns out, Time's Stacy Perman was on-hand for the announcement. So too was Mayor Tom, who hailed Virgin's arrival as "an outstanding new travel option for Dallas and our region."

In a just-posted profile of Virgin's larger-than-life founder, Richard Branson, this is how Perman describes how it played out:

Always ready to rumble, Branson also trumpeted that starting in December, Virgin America will touch down in American Airlines' own backyard: the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Virgin American will fly to Los Angeles and San Francisco from Dallas, competing on routes long controlled by American.

The scene was classic Branson. Striding through the convention center flanked by a pair of glam Virgin flight attendants -- and with Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert trailing him like an awed intern -- Branson was swarmed by conventiongoers. He posed for pictures, kissed the ladies and celebrated by handing out vouchers for free flights on Virgin's new Dallas routes.

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