Now That That Greenville Avenue Lawsuit's Online, Let's Look at the Affidavits

Well, look what made Courthouse News today: Yucatan and Service Bar's lawsuit against the city over the late-night specific use permits as mandated by the Lower Greenville ordinance. Good timing too, given yesterday's no-go for both bars in front of the city council. The whole petition's here, but by now you're well familiar with its theme:

If this ordinance stands, it will effectively close plaintiffs' establishments, as 98% of their revenue and therefore all of their profits will be lost, along with their investment-backed expectations from their history of operating as a bar at their current respective locations.

I also see the county's finally gotten 'round to posting the affidavits submitted with the petition -- three in total. One's from Pangiotis "Pete" Mylonas, owner of Yucatan; Ioannis Manettas, owner of Service Bar, also filed one. The third is from Stephanie Wooley, the Sheils Winnubst attorney hired by Service Bar in June to help steer the club through the SUP-gettin' maze. Hers may be the most intriguing of the bunch, as it reiterates claims I've heard from those who did get their SUP ... only to discover that getting the accompanying certificate of occupancy was a whole other arduous and expensive ($500!) task on top of the SUP application.

All three follow. Good to read before Monday morning's hearing, at 8:30, in district court.


Stephanie Wooley Affidavit

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.