Now, They Find White Powder at the Crowley Courthouse

Now, They Find White Powder at the Crowley Courthouse

Update at 4:55 p.m.Turns out, the powder was harmless. Tests, presumably by someone who has crushed anti-depressants into powder, showed that the substance was similar to "an anti-depressant medication that had been crushed into a powder."

In the case at the Arbors shopping center in far North Dallas, a clerk at a postal center called police after a "suspicious envelope" was dropped off there. Tests of the envelope came back negative. The investigation is now in the hands of the FBI.

Original post:In the wake of yesterday's announcement that the FBI is offering $150,00 for information leading to the arrest of a local Scooby Doo lover who also likes sending white powder-filled envelopes to preschools and such, people are on their toes. Dallas Fire Department spokesman Jason Evans sends word that haz-mat teams are currently working on two more white-powder scares, on in the county courthouse.

At 08:33, we responded to the Frank Crowley Courts Building for a white powder envelope on the 6th floor. No information on who the envelope was sent to (if anyone) or if there were any injuries or evacuations. I will check with the HazMat Captain and provide updates as soon as they are available.

At 08:45 we were called out to the Arbors Shopping Center for a "suspicious envelope". There is no information available on the specifics of that incident as well; but I can tell you that the Plano Fire Department's HazMat Team is on the scene, and I will most likely head out there to find out some more information when I'm done at riverfront.


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