Of Flag-Bearing Petition, Dirk Nowitzki Says, "That Would Be Super."

Now, this is a Dirk Nowitzki jersey I'd like to own. And it's only $44.95.

Looks like the Associated Press has picked up on the petition calling for Dirk Nowitzki to become "Fahnenträger für die Olympischen Spiele 2008 in Peking." Thus far, some 3,864 folks have signed the thing, demanding the Germans make Your Dallas Maverick their country's flag bearer at the Beijing Olympics. And Dirk digs it, saying today: "That would be super. I would be honored.'' Also, interesting use of the phrase "hammer hard" when referring to German's Group B opponents, among them teams from China, Angola, Greece, Spain and ... wuh-oh, the U.S. and A. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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