Did the Cowboys just lose the Super Bowl? Did Tony Romo just lose his mojo? Did I just answer a question with a question?

Oh, no. It’s Romo!

Just got my Sports Illustrated and guess who’s on the cover, defiantly laughing at the mag’s notorious jinx?

That’s right, Tony Friggin’ Romo.

Of course, it’s not the old days when there was just one SI cover and one unique weekly honor. In this era of compartmentalized regionalization, there are six different covers throughout the country. So, fingers crossed, maybe Romo will be stricken with only 1/6th of the jinx’s wrath?

Or maybe it won’t mean a thing. Didn’t seem to hurt this dude.

Inside, senior writer Peter King picks the Cowboys to lose the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots, 30-16. Just wondering Cowboys’ fans, would that be viewed as a successful season? Or a disappointing one? Discuss. -- Richie Whitt


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