Oh, No, Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

On Saturday I was in the AT&T store on Northwest Highway when I got a call on my new cellphone. Couldn't make out a damned thing my friend on the other end was saying. I turned to the AT&T employee who'd just put me on the waiting list. Asked him, "Shouldn't I be getting better reception in the AT&T store?" He tells me, uh, yeah, since there's a tower right on the top of the store. My friend, over a blizzard of static, says, "Ask him if they're just trying to be ironic." Like this item from Courthouse News, maybe?

The U.S. Secretary of Labor sued Local 732, American Postal Workers Union in Dallas Federal Court, to nullify the results of a union election, claiming, among other things, that all candidates were not provided with an electronic mailing list with which to distribute campaign materials.

Which is a shame, because I hear this guy won by a landslide. --Robert Wilonsky

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