Oh, the Fiscal Effects of Expanding Beer, Wine Sales Citywide. Thought You Said "Physical."

Elliot's at the Keep the Dollars in Dallas press conference at this very moment -- he'll post his Qs and their As shortly. Till then, some light lunchtime reading follows on the other side: Ray Perryman's 25-page report -- The Economic and Fiscal Effects of Expanding Alcoholic Beverage Sales in the City of Dallas -- in which the economist insists allowing for off-premise beer and wine sales citywide and doing away with "club" memberships in restaurants will "increase output by $1.9 billion per year" and "create about 29,054 new jobs in the area." (No need wondering what anti- attorney Andy Siegel thinks about this.) Also, says the report for which the former Progress Dallas paid 'round $16,000: "The fiscal impacts for the city would include roughly $33.4 million in additional tax revenue each year."

Keep the Dollars in Dallas also sent along its list of endorsements, which includes: the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, West Dallas Chamber of Commerce, South East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, West End Association and the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Says former Dallas City Council member and OCCC prez Bob Stimson in the release, "In Oak Cliff, we recognize passing this initiative means more economic vibrancy, better quality of life and more convenience in our neighborhood."


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