OK, So Downtown Omni Has 400 Openings

Last week we glanced at the Dallas Convention Center's schedule of events and noted one of interest scheduled to begin September 15 and run through the 17th: Omni Job Fair. Doors open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.; the city says it expects up to 5,000 people during that time, each hoping for a job at the city-owned convention center hotel expected to open on November 11.

Yesterday I received a note from some folks in the local Weber Shandwick office, hired to promote the job fair. They provided a little more information. Specifically: "More than 400 full-and-part time positions will be available including housekeeping, front desk, banquets, culinary, administrative, room service, restaurant servers, bartenders, etc."

I noted there are presently 99 openings listed on the hotel's help-wanted site and asked for clarification. Claire Varrelmann explains thusly: "It's 90+ full- and part-time jobs that will need approximately 400 associates to fill them. For example, we have multiple people serving guests in the restaurants, multiple front desk associates, etc." There you go. Four-hundred openings, from concierge to bartender to pastry cook to turndown attendant. They recommend those so interested apply online now before heading over next week.

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