On Oncor's Super Bowl To-Do List: Get Those Commerce St. Bridge Lights Back On (Finally)

Driving home from the Kessler Theater Friday night, I was reminded yet again of how drab and shabby the Commerce Street bridge over the Trinity River looks in the dark, what with more than a dozen of the old streetlights inoperable since who can remember when. I made a note to call the city this morning to find out who's responsible for their repair. Seeing as how the city's tidying up before Super Bowl crowds arrive next week, I figured surely that's on the to-do list, what with downtown hotels booked solid and more than a few outta-towners sure to take Commerce to the Belmont or Smoke or to visit Oak Cliff (it's also a handy shortcut for those using Sylvan to head west on 30, ahem).

So, funny thing: I open the Metro section this morning and see the Commerce Street lights top the DMN Problem Solver's list. Says right there: They've "been out for years," are Oncor's responsibility and that "repairs are scheduled." Great. Excellent. Awesome news. But, like, when? Doesn't say.

I called Oncor's PR department this morning for a better answer. Ashley Burton took my questions, asked around, then called me back.

"Those lights are on our list for repairs," she told me. "We don't have a set date, but we are hoping to have them back on before the Super Bowl." But, she says, it's a rather complicated repair job: "There's a problem with the circuit" that keeps all the lights on, Burton explained. "It's not just as simple as replacing a bulb. But we are hoping they'll be back on before the Super Bowl."


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