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Once More, Rallying 'Round the 2010 Rangers

Not yet ready to let go of the 2010 season, Your Texas Rangers held that rally Wednesday evening in the Ballpark's parking lot. We dispatched Intern Conner Howell to cover the wingding, attended by the team's owners, the about-to-be-contract-extended skipper, much of the starting line-up, Lil' Wash and a guesstimated 10,000 claw-n-antlers fans, per the Rangers' own accounting. His recap follows, along with some of his photos, more of which you'll find in this here slide show. Now, can Liam Roybal grow back his hair?

Antlers and claws scraped the sky last night as a giddy and devoted crowd lined up along the outskirts of Lot J at the Ballpark in Arlington one last time in 2010. They'd come to pay homage to the team that gave them their very first taste of the Fall Classic. Last night's Rangers Rally event, presented by Fox Sports Southwest, was a look back and a peek, fingers crossed, at what lies ahead: Fans shared a few moments with the team, watched season highlights on the big screen, heard from the likes of Nolan Ryan and Josh Hamilton and shared in celebrating the team that "beat those dang Yankees," as master of ceremonies John Rhadigan put it.

The satisfaction of a pennant-winning season really sparked a sense of pride and a "clubhouse atmosphere" that General Manager Jon Daniels touched upon as he spoke about pitcher Cliff Lee's acquisition and joked about collecting a few helpful shekels from the crowd.

"Pass the boot, pass the boot," fans cheered, eager to make their own contribution towards keeping the free agent.

And Daniels went on to acknowledge their support: "You guys stuck with us through some lean years, we promised you a few things, hopefully we feel like we delivered on a few of them, but not the biggest one. Everybody up here feels the same way -- that the next time we get together, we want it to involve a parade and a couple of rings."

The hour-long event continued with Ron Washington, Nolan Ryan and a few players taking their turns at the mic Josh Hamilton shared one of his favorite moments from the past season: "Winning the ALCS ... in the sixth inning ... tearing up already, trying to get through the rest of the game, and just when that last out was made, when Nefty struck out ... [dramatic pause] A-Rod." Then, of course, the ginger-ale celebration afterward.

But the taste of Canada Dry has dissipated and left in its place a thirst for a second gulp next season. Because, as Lil' Wash would say at his turn to the mic, that's the way ... well, you know how it goes.

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