One in a Brief Series: How Do Texas Rangers Fans Make It Through the Day After Last Night?

I'm having a rough day; from the sound of it, many of you are too. On the drive in to work today, this version of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up" came up on the iPod, randomly shuffled. I had to pull over. I asked Jamey Newberg: "How do Rangers fans just make it through the day?" To which he responded:

"I'm not sure I'm the one to ask. There's the party line for this team: They're as resilient a team as I've ever paid attention to in my life. It's almost silly how they're able to put things behind them and move on, and a lot of that's Wash. That's one of the special things about this team -- they don't let these things linger. They're much better at it than I am, and it gives me inspiration to follow suit."

That said: "I feel physically ill today. It's more than just a sports hurt. I don't feel well. And I felt great during the game: tons of epic fail and classic moments. And now I feel like crap."

Jamey wrote this today, if only to make himself feel better. We're old friends, as you may know; we used to trade baseball cards when we were kids. We talked for a long time this morning abut how it's OK to feel awful -- that's when you know you're a sports fan.

Says the man who was the first to coin the phrase "Napoli Ever After," far as I can tell: "The great moments wouldn't be that great if they weren't bounce-backs from The Great Suck." Slap that on a tee.

Up next: Eric Nadel.

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