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One Month After Women Working in Dallas Fire-Rescue File Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Suit, a Settlement Offer

The city's spending a small fortune fending off Leanne Siri, Helen Watts and others' long-simmering allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination within Dallas Fire-Rescue. But it didn't take long for City Hall to settle with two other women who stepped forward with their own lawsuit only last month.

No doubt you recall: Andrea reported on September 14 that Cheryl Hall and Sherrie Lopez filed a federal suit in which the two women claimed myriad incidents of harassment. Hall, for instance, said she found semen in her coffee cup at work and on a photo of her daughter on her desk; Lopez had her own horror stories about planted needles meant for pokin' and urine-soaked rugs and pay decreases following attempts to deal with those responsible.

According to the addendum to the city council's Wednesday meeting agenda, the city has decided not to fight Hall and Lopez's suit. Instead, it's offering to spend no more than $225,000 to settle the suit using current funds. Council met to discuss the settlement behind closed doors last week. I've left a message for Brian Calhoun, the attorney who filed the suit, and will update accordingly.

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