One of the Best Rock Photos You've Never Seen, Taken By a Local 39 Years Ago

Seriously, how I do love the Friends of Unfair Park. On January 29, I mentioned how Rolling Stone's David Fricke had teased the magazine's readers with the mention of a Jeff Beck Band bootleg made from a show at LuAnn's on Greenville Ave. in 1968. Fricke had said it was out there, but not precisely where, sending me on a two-day-long wild goose chase that ended only when my pal and pediatrician, Chris Dreiling, found it here.

Anyway, long story short, yesterday I got an e-mail from one R.E. Barnes, who wanted to know how to get hold of the boot. More to the point, R.E. also said he was at the show and had photos to prove it. Well, those we had to see -- at least one. So R.E. was kind enough to send an astounding picture -- really, one of the best rock photos I have ever seen, never mind the photog's pro or amateur status -- along with a few anecdotes about shooting Beck, Rod Stewart and the rest of the fledgling legends. The photo, suitable for framing (in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and the stories are after the jump. Oh, and a note to R.E.: A copy of the show's on its way to you. Just shoot me your address. It's the least we could do. --Robert Wilonsky

I saw the Jeff Beck Group in Dallas at a club called LuAnn's in July '68. Only 100 or so people were there, and I sat right behind a speaker at the side of the stage taking photos. Jeff stuck his tongue out at me at one point. I imagine he was getting tired of me taking so many photos. Rod Stewart had been greeted with a comment that he looked like Roger Daltrey. I doubt anyone would say the same now. Rod bent down between songs and was asking me about my 35mm camera. They weren't that common in those days.

What a show that was. Ron Wood was on bass and Mickey Waller on drums. Jeff's Les Paul, through his dual stack of Marshalls, was the most wonderful sound I had ever heard. I went out and bought a new gold top Les Paul when Gibson re-released them around that time. But for some reason I have never been able to sound as good as Jeff.

There has been a listing that the tape of this show is available for some time now, but I have unfortunately never come across it. It certainly was the most incredible show I ever saw.

This photo is from that show, I have given many of the photos away, though I still have the negs. Some were published in Jeff's Book by Chris Hjort and also in Annette Carson's bio of Jeff, Crazy Fingers.

R.E. Barnes

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