Oswald's Ghost Still A-Floatin'

Tonight at 9, KERA-Channel 13 will air, as part of the American Experience series, director Robert Stone's documentary Oswald's Ghost, yet another look at the assassination of John Kennedy. The film, which had a limited theatrical run last year, is more or less yet another distillation of the myriad conspiracy theories concerning what happened downtown on November 22, 1963; Mark Lane's amongst its talking heads, if that's any indication. But it's also about how our modern-day mistrust of government was shaped in Dallas in the fall of '63.

And if you miss the doc tonight, don't fret: It's available on DVD tomorrow, with bonuses that include a tour of Dealey Plaza and yet another going-over of Abraham Zapruder's famous home movie. Here's the trailer for the theatrical release. --Robert Wilonsky


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