The Cowboys' former battering-ram fullback is now also the Cowboys' former Director of Alumni Affairs.

Out House

At a time when memories of past Dallas Cowboys regularly come rushing in, former running back Robert Newhouse is out.

While trying to track down former players to share their Texas Stadium recollections, it came to my attention that Newhouse is no longer the team’s Director of Alumni Affairs. Sad, because “House” had a 36-year association with the franchise commencing when the Cowboys drafted him in 1972.

Not sure if he quit or was fired – different players are telling me different versions – but I do know Newhouse has been replaced by Vincent Thompson, who has moved from Human Resources into the position of Chief Diversity Officer/Player Alumni Affairs. Strange that – especially in a farewell-to-Texas-Stadium season – the guy in charge of all the old Cowboys isn’t, in fact, an old Cowboy.

Newhouse, all 5-foot-9, 210 pounds of him, was always one of my favorites. First autograph I ever got from a pro athlete.

The Longview native played at the University of Houston before taking his garishly giant thighs to the NFL. Newhouse led the Cowboys in rushing in 1975 and amassed 4,784 yards during a 10-year career.

His highlight, of course, was throwing a 29-yard touchdown pass to Golden Richards in Super Bowl XII. -- Richie Whitt

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