PAC It Up, People

This is the board of directors of Heritage Alliance. In case you were wondering.

One of the two guys running for mayor is gay, though damned if I can tell which one. Good thing Reuters is bringing up the rear today in the parade of "Ed Oakley is gay" articles. Still, this one is a little different, if only because Ed Stoddard spoke with Heritage Alliance's vice president M. Clare Jones about those phone calls her organization placed last weekend warning Dallasites that Tom Leppert's a straight white Christian male.

"We did not feel that the majority of voters knew Ed Oakley was a homosexual, and we felt we needed to alert voters to that," says Jones. Because if you're a PAC with just $88,000 in the bank with which "to restore principles of free enterprise, limited government, limited taxation, and our traditional Judeo-Christian heritage in government," then absolutely you should use a few of them bucks to monger some hate. Because that's very Judeo-Christian of you, speaking as a Judeo. --Robert Wilonsky

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