Dallas Cowboys

Packers 17, Plowboys 7: My Top 10 Observations.

10. I said on Sunday's pre-game show on 105.3 The Fan that the only way the Dallas Cowboys could lose to the Green Bay Packers was to commit 3-plus turnovers. The Cowboys committed three turnovers. Add to that 10 penalties, dropped passes, a missed field goal and a couple injuries and - presto - stinko.

9. If I were truly astute, I should've also pointed out that another way to lose an NFL game is to not score any points until 38 seconds remain.

8. First time in the 50-year history of the Cowboys that the score after three quarters was 3-0. The game was as boring as it was ugly. And from there it got progressively worse.

7. Nick Folk is starting to worry me. His missed 38-yard field goal on the game's first drive set the tone and gave Green Bay hope. The Cowboys just aren't good enough to give away points.

6. Been talking since training camp about the lack of depth along Dallas' offensive line. During its 6-2 run, the Cowboys were lucky. But with Doug Free and Cory Procter in the game yesterday, you see how quickly things can get ugly.

5. I heard referee Jeff Triplette, but I still don't understand. Felix Jones clearly recovered Tony Romo's fourth-quarter fumble, but why wasn't that play reviewable? You can't review fumble recoveries if they're not in the end zone? If that's the rule, it needs to be changed. Jones had possession and was down by contact before the ball was ripped out. Or am I missing something?

4. You don't want to hear this right now, but the Cowboys can still beat lowly Washington and Oakland at home and enter December 8-3. It could happen. It needs to happen. But after yesterday, can it happen?

3. Welcome back, Stumbledoofus. Why the hell did head coach Wade Phillips have his offensive starters in the game the final 3:00 with his team trailing 17-0? An injury to Tony Romo there would've compounded a dreadful day. It would have been inexcusable.

2. The Packers entered yesterday with 13 sacks all season. They sacked Romo five times (each by a defensive back or linebacker) and harassed him continually.

1. Marc Colombo has to see a doctor. Tony Romo needs to to see a barber. And the Dallas Cowboys have to see Sunday in Green Bay as something to flush and forget. Hey, shit happens.

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