Pacman = Game Over? Continued ...

After speaking with a Valley Ranch source minutes ago, a couple of Pacman Jones details need amending:

The incident occurred at 11 p.m. instead of 1:30 a.m. Alcohol was involved, but not intoxication. A light fixture was damaged, as well as a mirror. Jones was on the scene when two squad cars arrived, but the altercation was over.

Looks better for Pacman, right?

None of this changes my mind that Pacman should be sent packing. It was still a late-night physical altercation serious enough that hotel employees called police. But the more the Cowboys claim the whole thing was just “kidding around” and “overblown,” the more you get the creepy feeling the whole thing might be swept under the rug.

Unless, that is, NFL Sheriff Roger Goodell shows some cajones. While Pacman practices this afternoon, Goodell is supposedly looking into the incident.

Your move, commish.

UPDATE: Moments ago on ESPN Radio's Mike Tirico Show, Goodell confirmed a league investigation is underway:

"Right now we're attempting to determine all the facts. It's clear that some type of incident occured. ... I can tell you I'm disappointed that we're even having to discuss this."

Hmm. – Richie Whitt

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