Pacman = Game Over? Continued Yet Again …

So what do you get when you mix Pacman Jones with Tommy Jones with Jerry Jones? A really bad sequel to 48 Hours.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones just finished talking at Valley Ranch. In summary:

*It’s an aberration, yet he’s very disappointed.

*“None of our rules have been impacted.”

*Pacman and his bodyguard, Tommy Jones, were merely “jiving around” and “took it too far.”

*Among the damage: A glass umbrella thingy on the vanity.

*The Cowboys need better play at bodyguard: “I did not dream of a situation where with all the structure in place we would have an incident publicly involving the very people doing the structuring.”

*He still trusts Pacman. And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should “look to me” in assessing the situation.

Cowboys’ head coach Wade Phillips just finished talking at Valley Ranch. In summary:

*In all my years at Valley Ranch I’ve never heard a worse performance from a head coach. Ever. He holds all his players to the same standards? Really?!

50 % naïve/ 50% dork/ 100% sad.– Richie Whitt

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