Park and Rec Board to Discuss New Ordinance That Would Close All City Parks Hour Earlier

According to Dallas City Code, all but three city parks are closed from midnight till 5 a.m. (The exceptions -- Barnes Bridge Park, Bachman Creek Greenbelt and William B. Dean Park -- close at 10 p.m.) But according to a proposal the Park and Rec Board will consider Thursday, that's set to change: Assistant Park Director Barbara Kindig has been working with the board's Administration and Finance Committee for more than a year on an ordinance rewrite that would close all parks an hour earlier -- 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Violators face a $165 fine, for starters.

I've left a word for Kindig and will update accordingly, but per Willis Winters, also a Park and Rec assistant director and someone not directly involved in the proposal, part of this stems from a "push from neighborhoods to move the curfew up" -- and, indeed, the new ordinance would be in keeping with the city's nighttime curfew, which keeps the under-17s indoors starting at 11 p.m. on weekday nights. Plus, ya know, that's one less hour for people to spend tossing out trash that won't get picked up for a few extra days per Mary Suhm's proposed budget.

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