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Park and Rec Provides Nifty Guide to Those "Art" Pavilions Slowly, Surely Filling City Parks

When I had Willis Winters on the phone the other day, I mentioned in passing that I just driven pastthe new pavilion at Royal Park, off Royal and Cromwell in Northwest Dallas. At which point Park and Rec's second-in-command directed my attention to this freshly minted guide to those architect-designed pavilions we first mentioned in November 2010 (it's already been a year?).

I won't rehash the origins of the project, part of the department's long-range strategic plan in '02 and funded with '03 and '06 bond money; we've covered its origins before. But the walk-through is brand-new: Says Winters, the 24-page guide, which provides some much-needed who-what-where-n-why about each new and historic pavilion, was put together for the Texas Society of Architects Annual Convention and Design Products & Ideas Expo that took place at the convention center a couple of weeks back. "And it went viral during the event," Winters says. "It worked so well people were able to drive around town for an hour or two and find the pavilions they wanted to see."

And now, you're free to do the same this weekend.

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Robert Wilonsky
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