Pay to Play, or: So You Think You Can Do a Better Job of Programming KXT (For an Hour)?

I was in the KERA studios earlier this week, the guest of station contributor and Friend of Unfair Park Rawlins Gilliland as he bravely plowed through a 10-hour marathon pledge drive on behalf of the station. We did our segments in the KXT studios, where, for the first time, I met afternoon-show host Joe Kozera, who seems like a genuinely good guy -- patient, certainly, if nothing else. And on my way out, someone mentioned: KXT actually didn't hit its own fall pledge-drive goals this go-round -- hence, I was told, the reason for an auction that just fired up on eBay. One of the prizes: the chance to spend an hour on-air with Kozera, playing whatever you want.

I've warmed a little to KXT's playlist of late, but every now and then I'm still a bit baffled; "Love Shack" and "Hey Ya!," really? So the chance to play ... whatever? Interested. Especially since, at last look, the opening bid of $100 is now all the way up to $102.50, a steal.  Also up for grabs before bidding shuts down Wednesday: a Wilco prize pack, CD and vinyl collections, Death Cab for Cutie and Decemberists rarities from the prize closet, a Studio Movie Grill pass, and a Nasher-Smoke-Belmont package that has the most bids of any offering. Or: You put your mouth where your money is and play guest deejay for an hour. But, please, go light on the Billy Idol. "Dancing With Myself," really?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.