Pay Up or Shut Up, Preferably the Latter

Though 88 bands were advertised to play the Wall of Sound Festival, the total number of acts that actually played was only 86. Huge disappointment, right? The two drop-outs were relatively notable, though--Comet, who played one of their first 2005 reunion gigs at last year's debut WoSF, had to bail at the last minute after brothers Jim and Neil Stone's uncle passed away the night before the show. We're sorry about the loss, fellas.

I'm not nearly as sympathetic about Collin Herring's absence, though. I stepped outside on Saturday evening to catch some fresh air when a Ridglea Theater employee walked out with his cell phone and began recounting a strange story. Herring was set to play on Sunday and wanted to see the Saturday night showcase, and when he arrived, he was told he had to pay $10 (musicians had to pay a discounted ticket price to attend on the day they weren't playing). No other musicians had complained about the rule, the employee said, but Herring threw a tantrum: "This Herring guy was all, 'I released the CD of the year.' Buddy, I don't care WHAT year you had CD of the year in, you're paying 10 bucks like everybody else!" Eventually, Spune Productions' Lance Yocom came out to hear Herring's complaints, and after griping for some time, Herring "squared up" to Yocom, according to sound guy Glen Squibb. Yocom's response? "Don't come back tomorrow." 2006 is barely over, but Herring, you've already earned a nomination for the "douche of the year" award. Congratulations. -Sam Machkovech

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.