PETA to Stage Soft-Core Bed-In Downtown Tomorrow. Bring Your Cameras.

I'm hesitant to tease a PETA protest scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. tomorrow at Akard and Main only because all the other ones have been so underwhelming. (So much so I forgot till using what passes for our search engine that PETA was just at the same spot in August.) Anyway. This is what today's press release promises: "NEARLY NAKED PETA COUPLE BEDS DOWN IN DALLAS." That's their caps-lock, not mine. From the release:

Wearing nothing but underwear during a display of passion that's bound to raise a few eyebrows and turn lots of heads, two PETA members will passionately make out in a bed that will be set up on a street in downtown Dallas. While the not-so-discreet couple is getting it on beneath a banner that reads, "Vegans Make Better Lovers," PETA members will hand out copies of the group's vegetarian/vegan starter kit to gaping passersby. PETA wants people to know that they can do themselves -- and animals -- a big favor by going vegan. ...

"What could be more of a turn-on than snuggling up to someone who's both passionate and compassionate?" asks PETA's Tracy Patton. "It's veggie burgers in the kitchen for a whopper in the bedroom!"

May need to workshop that. Still, I have to say that from the looks of this account out of Shreveport yesterday, this one has promise. I wonder if they'll perform what John Crawford calls the "Downtown Dallas 360." Note to self: May need to workshop that.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.