Peter Gammons on Josh Hamilton: "A Hero For Millions Trying to Fight Back."

Flickr photo: BenYankee

Before we let Josh Hamilton's record-setting appearance at the Home Run Derby last night disappear from today's topics of conversation, let me direct you to Peter Gammons' column on the subject -- the headline of which reads, "Hamilton an inspiration in so many ways." A sampling of a piece worth your eyeballs' attention this afternoon:

Our heroes can be flawed. The Babe certainly was. Hamilton never stops reminding us that he, too, is flawed and that he's not ashamed to admit it and never will stop fighting. Josh Hamilton turned the page in his life, and Monday night he helped baseball begin the long, dry healing process of turning the page on the Dark Ages.

Thus far today, the piece has received nearly 600 comments. --Robert Wilonsky

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