Pfizer No Longer Ruling Out Chantix Side Effects: "Depression and Suicidal Behavior"

As Unfair Park's become something of a Chantix message board in recent months, following the death of Carter Albrecht and bandmate Danny Balis' assertion that the smoking-cessation drug might have had something to do with his altered state that night, it's only fitting three different Friends have sent links to today's breaking Chantix news. Today, Pfizer's updated its warning label to include "language about depression and suicidal behavior." And, notes the Associated Press, that new warning comes from the Food and Drug Administration -- though, asks one Friend, "Too little, too late?"

The keeper from the AP piece: "The company stressed that a direct link between Chantix and the problems has not been established, but it also cannot be ruled out." (Here too is Reuters' take on today's announcement.) And, before you all pile on about how Albrecht was also very drunk the night he was killed (three times the legal driving limit, matter of fact), recall it has been duly noted. --Robert Wilonsky

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