The first Pizza Inn, which opened across the street from SMU in 1958

Pizza Inn to Make it Bahrain

Fifty years ago, Pizza Inn opened its first eatery right across the street from the SMU campus; and, far as I was concerned 'round about the time I was about 8, the long-gone location at Forest and Marsh lanes proffered the best pie in the entire universe. Well, comes word today that Bahrain is about to get its own slice of the Dallas-based chain, courtesy the Attyab Al Bahrain Catering Company and Eastern Retail Services Company W.L.L. -- which, says here, are owned by the Sheikh Terki Al Khalifa Group of Companies, which you probably already knew. Twenty new locations will pop up in Bahrain over the next 10 years. Just in time for the Feast of the Sacrifice, which starts on the 10th of Zilhajjah. --Robert Wilonsky


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