Plano Woman Wants to Be a Supermodel. Well, Bravo.

As I have lost all interest in Bravo's reality-TV buffet -- even with one sorta-local left on Project Runway -- I post this item with lethargic disinterest: When Make Me a Supermodel debuts on January 10, there will be a local girl amongst the 24 contestants whose names were released today. (Twenty-four contestants? Jesus, did they take everyone who tried out?) Her name's Stephanie -- dunno her last name, like it matters -- and she's 21.

According to her Bravo bio: "She is currently a full time student studying art at Scripps College in California. She spends her days covered in either oil paint or saw dust from working in the painting and sculpture studios." And she's "a loud extrovert with a hankering for art." Which means she won't be annoying at all. Merritt, she is all yours. --Robert Wilonsky

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